Raising Capital

Matching Capital to Great Ideas™

We can assist early and expansion stage companies with debt and equity capital raising. There are numerous ways to make your business more attractive to potential investors - and these can help you make your dreams a reality. Now, we never guarantee that you will be successful in raising capital, or that a market exists for your offering, but we can give you our independent advice on whether you are ready to go to the market - or what you need to do before doing so.


Capital Raising

A capital raising can provide the funds you need to make your vision a reality. It can also make your business debt free with no mortgages or charges. Having a debt free company does two things:

  • It makes your business a far more attractive proposition to a potential investor – no secured lender means that the investor’s own equity position is improved.
  • It could permit you to discharge your personal guarantees to the bank and release the bank’s securities over your family home and other assets.

If we take on your mandate, once we are both agreed that you are Investor Ready, you should be in a position to offer shares in your company to investors who believe in your vision and have faith in your management - whilst you still maintain control. 


The benefits of raising capital compared to borrowing are that you are not required to:

  • Repay the money injected,
  • Provide security, or
  • Give personal guarantees.

For your business or company to qualify for our services, you must be:

  • The majority shareholder of your company, or have effective control over the future of the business, and
  • Able to allocate a percentage of the company or business to raising the funds required.

Selling shares in your company depends on a capital raising process which is compliant with all Corporations Law and ASIC rules and regulations.  A specialist lawyer can give you guidance.


We can also give you an understanding of how to value your business during the capital raising process.  You can then engage a specialist valuer.


We can assist you to rapidly identify the assets, relationships and competencies in your business and package them up in the way that potential investors want to see. 


There are then a number of platforms and types of investors that you can pitch to, including:

  • Private investors
  • Professional investors
  • High net worth individuals
  • Venture capital funds, and
  • Specialist financiers.

Again, we don't promise that your business will be successful in raising funds because that depends on you and the strength of your offering. Depending on your circumstances, however, we can show you a path for your business that not only includes raising capital, but also the possibility of trade sales, mergers and acquisitions.


Debt Advisory


Our Debt Advisory program can help you negotiate new lending facilities and renegotiates existing facilities. It is a structured process of preparing your loan applications so that you have the best chance of success with your lenders. Importantly, it ensures that you approach each negotiation with a BATNA: Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement.


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