Creating Value

We can prepare your business for sale or investment and help you maximize your companies’ value to a buyer or investor. Services range from developing your value proposition to helping you drive revenue and the value of your business before the sale and investment process. 


The corporate strategy area assists you creating additional value for investors and buyers.


Our value creation program focuses on:

  • Growing revenue and
  • Positioning your business to a buyer.

Growing Revenue

Businesses that consistently grow revenue are more valuable to a buyer or investor. We help you develop tactical and strategic programs to drive revenue and make your business more valuable so that you can sell for a higher price.


Positioning Your Business

In this stage, we identify the most valuable way to position your business to an investor or a buyer by clearly defining the information a buyer or investor is looking for.

  • Point of Difference
  • Segmentation
  • Segment Attractiveness
  • Ability To Win
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Developing a winning value proposition.

Point of Difference Analysis (POD)

A POD is an attribute that makes your products and services different from your competition in a way that is unique and valuable to your customer.  To an investor, a POD is key as it helps determine why potential customers will choose you over another option.



A Segmentation Analysis divides your markets into identifiable groups of customers.  A segment is a group of customers who you can expect to respond in a similar way to a particular offer or value proposition.  They have similar values (needs or wants) and they prioritise them in a similar way.


The Segmentation Analysis shows an investor that you have worked out how to:

  • Uncover opportunities that you could easily overlook in an undifferentiated approach to the market.
  • Exploit your strengths and create advantages.
  • Concentrate resources on customers that provide the most value.
  • Develop more targeted and efficient marketing programs.
  • Build customer satisfaction and loyalty by tailoring offerings to the values and priorities of your each sub-set of customers.

Segment Attractiveness

A Segment Attractiveness Analysis is a technique for identifying the segments in the market that are most attractive for your business to potentially align with.  It’s takes discipline to recognise that you can’t be all things to all people.


Ability To Compete

An Ability to Compete Analysis is an honest analysis of your company’s true capability to compete in each market segment. It outlines:


  • The most attractive segments that your company can compete in given its resources, and
  • The most attractive segments that your company could compete in if it also had the resources of the buyer behind it.

Strategic Position Analysis

A Strategic Position Analysis reviews the Segment Attractiveness Analysis and your company’s Ability to Compete Analysis to identify the ideal segments for your company to target.


Development of a Value Proposition

A value proposition is a promise you make to target customers to convince them to prefer you to the competition.


It distills all of the information developed in the stages above and creates a very clear statement of your customers needs, why your offering is different and why they should believe it’s better than the alternative.


Having a clear value proposition is key to developing all future communication and positioning materials as it succinctly says “why buy me”.

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