Strategic Services

Corporate Advisory services assist you in defining the strategy and tactics for your transaction. Services range from helping you prepare your business for potential investors right through to writing your memorandum and documents in the language and format expected by investors. Click here for more details.


The corporate advisory area assists you in defining the strategy and tactics for your transaction. 


Investment Facilitation

Advising you what you need to do to become "Investor Ready" and assisting in you in the commerical aspects of the investment process.


Assisting you to identify potential investors and investees who you might approach and conducting the initial analysis to determine whether a transaction might take place.


Due Diligence

Conducting in-depth analysis to confirm the parties' investment hypothesis.


Corporate Strategy

Financiers, potential investors and potential buyers all want to see a well thought-out and well executed corporate strategy.


We work with you to analyse the external and internal position of your business, its customers and its market place. We then help you plan the strategy, tactics and resources that will help you unlock the potential of your business. 


Tactical Services

Updating the Business Plan

Your business plan takes the vision of your business and translates it into strategy. We work with you to update it and identify your competitive assets, relationships and competencies. We can then document the ways in which these will be turned into your competitive advantage. The business plan shows investors and buyers that your management team understands what it takes to be successful.


Developing an Information Memorandum

Your business plan remains largely an internal document. When you are negotiating or renegotiating debt, raising capital or selling your business, we can prepare a shorter document for outside parties called the information memorandum. The information memorandum is distilled from your business plan. It sets out enough detail for potential investors or buyers to make a decision, but does not provide the level of detail contained in the business plan. It is the preliminary document used to prior to the signing of the non-disclosure agreement by an investor or a buyer.


We can draft the information memorandum for you in an industry standard format – one that investors and buyers expect to see from experienced management teams.


Business Succession Planning

The feature that separates a valuable business from all the others is the degree to which that business can run itself. The question that you as the owner of the business need to answer is: Can this business run successfully without me?


If it can, then it is a business that will attract investors and buyers. We can show you how to achieve "Management Depth Assurance" - how you can increase your company’s bench strength by putting good people and systems in behind you. Bench strength is desirable if you have sudden health or personal problems, but it is essential if you want to raise equity or sell your business.


A succession plan gives your company the depth of management that bankers, investors and buyers want to see so that they have the confidence to lend to, invest in or buy your business.


Becoming Investor Ready

A prerequisite for capital raising and business exits at high multiples is to make your business Investor Ready. If you undertake our program, we can guide you through this process step-by-step. In this stage, we can:

  • Examine and refine your Unique Selling Proposition,
  • Evaluate the way you communicate your marketing promise,
  • Execute on your business plan, forecasts and projections,
  • Update and document all your systems and procedures,
  • Organise your valuations, and
  • Get your business into the format that investors and buyers expect to see for your industry.

This is the minimum standard that investors and buyers expect to see in a business before investing or buying. No capital raising or business exit should proceed unless you are Investor Ready. When we are both agreed that you are Investor Ready, you can put your capital raising or business exit proposition to the market. It is important to note that we must both agree that you are Investor Ready - or the likelihood is that you will not be successful.


Rescues and Reconstructions

Sometimes capital raisings or business exits are derailed by a financial or event-based crisis that occurs despite the strength of the business or the talent of its management. Events that can place a business under sudden stress may be as diverse as:

  • A large swing in exchange rates,
  • An unexpected collapse of a key customer, or
  • A sudden change in the world outlook for a product. 

We can advise on you on rescues and reconstructions so you have steps to follow for the continued survival of your business if such an event occurs during your capital raising or business exit. If your assets are likely to become impaired or trade at less than their face value, we can switch focus to short term funding, protecting various stakeholder interests and devising creative solutions. These solutions could include:

  • Trade outs
  • Work outs
  • Debt restructuring
  • Renegotiations, and
  • Stand-still agreements.

Quick and decisive action could get you back on track, protect your position and protect the position of your stakeholders.

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