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Creating Value: Roles in The Stakeholder Engagement Plan


In previous posts we have seen how stakeholders need to be aligned with your business exit and who you should consider in a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.  Now you need to examine exactly which stakeholders have what role in your plan.


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Creating Value: The Stakeholder Engagement Plan


One important consideration when selling your business is who can derail the process and cause delays. While a delay can cost you money, the greater concern is that it can cause potential buyers to walk away because they won’t court reputational risk. One technique to manage this is to build a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.


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Creating Value: Your Tag Line


Prospective buyers of your company are busy people and some don’t have the luxury of an attention span.  That’s why you need a company tag line to cut through the noise and get their attention.


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Creating Value: Negotiation and Your Reserve Price


Your reservation price is the least favourable point at which you will accept a deal.  The reservation price is derived from your BATNA, but it is not the same thing.


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Creating Value: Value Creation Through Trades


There are two concepts in negotiation which separate the beginners from the professionals.  One is value claiming – seeking to take a bigger share of a fixed pie.  The other is value creation – seeking to co-operate with the other party in increasing the pie.


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Creating Value: The Value Proposition


Why would someone buy your company?  The real answer is that it is cheaper or faster for them to buy your company than to recreate your business themselves.  The challenge for you in selling your business for high multiples is to convince them of this.


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Creating Value: Segment Attractiveness


To sell your business for high multiples, you must convince a buyer that the segments you compete in are the most attractive possible for your business.  By doing this, you are showing buyers that your resources are efficiently employed in pursuing the most attractive market segments.


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Creating Value: How To Develop A Tag Line  

Tag lines are a way to communicate your brand idea to your customers and potential buyers of your company. Tag lines are an effective way to communicate your brand’s Value Proposition in a powerful, succinct and memorable way.

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Creating Value: Segment Attractiveness


To sell your business for high multiples, you must convince a buyer you have not only chosen the most attractive market segments, but you are only competing in attractive market segments where you have a strong ability to compete.  If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to explain the strategic value of acquiring […]


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