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Corporate Advisory: Using Joint Ventures to Increase Revenue


One way to increase revenue quickly is to acquire another company.  Another way is to go into a joint venture with that company.


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Corporate Advisory: The Zone Of Possibility Agreement

The zone of possible agreement (“ZOPA”) is the “contract zone”  – the place where you can get the deal that you wanted – at least the deal that you would be happy with.


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Corporate Advisory: How To Develop The Investment Thesis

The idea of the Investment Thesis is to take the guesswork out of acquisitions used to create value and growth.  It also has another purpose in planning your eventual business exit in that it helps you understand how your eventual acquirers will view your expanded business. 


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Corporate Advisory: Your Business Valuation


Public companies get a valuation prior to a capital raising or business exit so that they can discharge their duties to their shareholders.   Privately owned companies, however, often resist a valuation because the owners are the shareholders.


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Corporate Advisory: Your Solution to The Problem


You don’t just have to solve a big enough problem, you also have to a solution that enough people are going to pay real money for.  The question is, “are the dogs going to eat the dog food?”


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Corporate Advisory: Do You Solve a Problem Worth Solving?


"The bigger the problem, the bigger the hero.”  If you solve a big problem for a lot of people, then investors and acquirers are far more interested in your business.


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